Ten Things About Detective Charlie McClung

Detective Charlie McClung is an interesting man. He sees himself as an average man who loves his family and has a passion for justice. Here are ten things that makes so much more than your average Joe.

  1. He is an antique expert.
  2. He is an excellent cook. He can make biscuits from scratch!
  3. He is well-read, poetry to economic bestsellers.
  4. He is loyal and dedicated to Marian, his family, and truth.
  5. He is somewhat of a magician.
  6. He can sing.
  7. He is six-foot-tall and 185 pounds of muscle.
  8. He has a nervous habit of tugging his earlobe.
  9. He is a smooth communicator.
  10. Everyone wants him for a friend, well, except the criminals.

What do you think of Charlie McClung? If you have any questions, please let me know. Charlie is an open book. So ask away.


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