Flirting With Time – An Important Update

Flirting With Time is being edited.  I have to confess something. You will be able to read Flirting With Time as a stand alone. BUT to be totally honest, it is a sequel to Sins of My Youth. SORRY! To understand the search for the Paper Heart Stalker in  Flirting With Time, I advise you to read Sins of My Youth, first. Again, so sorry.

If you read Criminal Kind, you may remember a couple of references to paper hearts. Criminal Kind was the first sighting of the Paper Heart Stalker but at the time you didn’t know it. It was more of ‘huh, where is Mary Anne going with this.’

Another confession about Flirting With Time is it a mystery, not a murder mystery. There is a murder but the focus of the story is on the discovery of the Paper Heart Stalker.

The release date for Flirting With Time is June 30th. So you have plenty of time to read Sins of My Youth.

As always, I love to hear from you. Please drop me a line via Facebook PM or email me through my website, Or leave a comment.

Thank you for your support.

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